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Rules and such

 3D Divas

 3Ddivas on Facebook!
Commission: Sheila by medli20

diva > (italian) female deity
deus > (latin) means a god
devi > (hindu) the female energy/essense of the God, also a goddess
diva > a female version of a hustla , according to Beyonce! ;)

The basic sense of the term is 'goddess',
just like all women are.
Divine females,
cute and funny,
sexy beauties,
attractive and fancy,
breathtakingly curved,
angelic forms,
dangerous creatures..
Women. Females. The mystery of the Universe.
:iconbummy1:Welcome on 3Ddivas:iconbummy1:

:bulletpink: WANNA JOIN?
> You must be a 3d artist. Otherwise, you 're welcome to watch us and still be able to get notifications from our group!
> We 'll take a look at your gallery and review your membership request!
We require a number of -at least- 10 suitable renders for our collections.
In case you don't have them, you can still sit back and watch us, by pressing the 'Watch' button on the top right of our homepage.
> Once you 're in, be sure to read the submission rules in this box.

The submission limit is set to 1 per day (per folder)

:bulletgreen: Hot Girls &PinUps: All sexy renders go here
(keep the nudes in the Artistic Nude folder please!)

:bulletgreen: Portraits: The Divas closer ;) . Head and shoulders only.

:bulletgreen: Artistic Nude: All nude renders go here, even if they fit in another category as well.
Attention! Make sure it has a MATURE CONTENT LABEL and is ARTISTIC, not just NUDE.

:bulletgreen:Fantasy: Dark and Goth: Dark and dark fantasy women (like withces or vampires) go here.

:bulletgreen:Fantasy: Bright: Bright fantasy creatures, keepers of the light, mermaids and faes, angels and cute elves!

:bulletgreen: Ladies with Guns - Warriors: Tough Divas who know how to be sexy, even with a gun or sword!

:bulletgreen: Romantic and Bohemian: for all romantic and peaceful beauties, also for women dressed in a bohemian/old fashion style.

:bulletgreen: Animes and toons: All children/kids renders and also models like Aiko toon, Hitomi, Kimberly etc.

:bulletgreen: Couples: Love scenes, for couples.
Men are allowed here of course! :aww:
Keep them artistic and romantic, we don't want them otherwise. ;)

:bulletgreen: Animated Divas: In this folder, we keep your animations. They have to showcase a diva in all her glory! Animations that don't agree with the group's purpose wont be accepted.

:bulletgreen: Seasonal: All renders related to Holidays and such goes here. :)

:bulletgreen:Resources: Models, props, clothes, morphs, textures and what ever you wish!
Important! Submit only if you share them for free! ;)

:bulletgreen: Super Heroines: for all your supergirls renders

:bulletgreen: Everyday Life: for renders that showcase simple moments in a woman's daily life. They cannot be staged ( = posed) of course!!

:bulletgreen: Sci Fi & SteamPunk

:bulletred: Men characters ( they will be accepted in the 'Scenes' folder though)
:bulletred: Fetish renders (no handcuffed, captive, or bounded women, even if they are happy with it)
:bulletred: Women with super-sized and un-natural breasts are not welcome as well.
:bulletred: Images that are degrading or offensive to women in any way.
:bulletred: Video Games fanart will be declined.
Game characters, like Lara Croft or Final Fantasy cuties
will always be welcome, just as long as the renders are NOT game-related.

:bulletred: We will not accept LITTLE PONY renders.
:bulletred: A series of the same render wont be accepted. A number of 2 or maybe 3 similar is accepted, but not more! If you really feel you want to submit everything, then put them all together in one image.
:bulletred: Low quality renders or bad posed characters will be rejected.
We want you to try and submit your best! :aww:
:bulletred: WIP or Test pics will be declined (unless they are finished renders).
We want to see your final work!
:bulletred: We like seeing 100% 3D renders in here, but we understand this isn't always easy or necessary. So, if you're gonna use a 2d background image, make sure 1. it's 3d (not a real world photo) and 2. it blends with your render!!

~ Have fun rendering! :happybounce:
:bulletgreen: BubbleCloud :bulletgreen: jim373 :bulletgreen: Silvinx :bulletgreen:

Gallery Folders

Animated Divas
Art Features
Devious Folder

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:heart: Image Of The Week:heart:
Founder's selection

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Thank you,
for your submissions for our monthly feature "Divas Underwater!"
You all just got 1 point :points: for every render that was accepted! ;)

Swimming in late summer 3 by pnn32  Fish and Fresnel by mbinz

Bathtub with flowers by pnn32  Lara Croft Underwater by twosheds1

Underwater in white skirt by pnn32  Bubbles of Silly :P by SydneyKaraAndrews

:excited: ... for our August Feature :iconglomppointsplz:you all get 1 point :points: for every render that will get accepted in our feature folder! :dance: :D
Please type in the description box "For the 3Ddivas :icon3ddivas: Feature 'Shopping Therapy!' " in order for your work to be accepted.

:bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletred: :bulletwhite: :bulletpink: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen:

:heart: Our next Feature Theme will be ''Shopping Therapy!" :iconcheerplz:
and will be running till September, 5th. :)

:bulletred: Attention! Nude renders won't be allowed in this folder!

You may submit up to 3 images in this folder…

Happy rendering! :pc:

:bulletblue: 3Ddivas on Facebook

 3Ddivas on Facebook!

:iconbubblecloud: BubbleCloud  :iconjim373: jim373 :iconsilvinx: Silvinx

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scifigiant Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the request! :)
Vinski91 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015
Thanks for accepting me in :) I hope you enjoy my art!
Silvinx Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome in the group, you have a nice gallery :-)
Please read the group's rules before posting :wave:
Vinski91 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
I'm glad you like it :)

If you don't mind, I've got two questions about the rules.

1. Is an art that was rendered using Skyrim engine considered a game fanart, even if the art itself is completely unrelated to the game in a sense that it's theme, character, or even meshes and textures are not related to Skyrim?

2. Would this character violate the rules because it was inspired by a human version of one of My Little Pony's characters?

I hope you will consider an answer to the first question as not a violation of group's rules, because otherwise, it would mean I can't really submit anything :(

I hope I was clear enough, English is not my native language.
Silvinx Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1 - You can use any render engine you want, so is absolutely ok to use Skyrm or any other program to render the image
2 - In that image I only see a girl with purple hair (and two big ehm... things :D ). You can call her Little Pony or whatever you want, still it is an image of a girl, so it is perfectly fine for the group (in the "Artistic nude" folder, of course). I don't like how her breasts are pointig outward, making them too unnatural, but it's just my taste.
I hope I was clear too, English isn't my native language either :-)
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